Apartment in Berlin

Space Planning, Visualizations, Furniture Design

Apartment in Berlin image 1, by Zhenya Tsintseva

Apartment in Berlin image 2, by Zhenya Tsintseva

One of my clients had a new flat in Berlin that he wanted to furnish from scratch, with both existing and custom pieces. He needed help coming up with ideas for the layout and visualizing what the flat would look like.
Initially, I received dimensions of the whole apartment, photos of all of the walls, and some links to photos of furniture that the client liked. I started off by creating a 2D floor plan of the whole apartment. From there, I began adding furniture blocks.
My client looked at the different floor plan schemes I came up with and chose one, which I developed further. We communicated regularly via Skype during this stage. I sent screenshots regularly, so he knew exactly how the project was progressing.
Once I produced and sent the visualizations, the first part of this project was complete. The next step was to prepare technical drawings for the manufacture of some custom furniture. After a few weeks, the client was happy to see the final result!

Project feedback:

Lucas V., Client

Working with Zhenya was really productive and enjoyable. She always delivered on time and with great results.